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Our Story

Ever since we can remember, we’ve always been brainstorming new creations/ideas and bouncing them off one another, hoping but never really thinking any of our ideas would come to fruition.  That is, until one two & a half hour ride to Cedar Point in the summer of 2015.


Scrolling through Instagram on our drive, while our dad drove, one of us (we can’t remember who exactly) went on a rant about all of our favorite clothing companies, catering to either the East coast or the South.  Don’t get us wrong, we love shorts & shirts with little embroidered sea animals, and dresses with bright colored patterns but, wouldn’t it be nice, we thought, if there was a clothing company that captured “lake life” and the essence of living in the Midwest? 


We started researching clothing companies that do cater to the Midwest lifestyle and while we found a few, we didn’t find any that really caught our eye or made us want to buy.  So, we decided to make our own and after, many lengthy discussions we agreed on one thing: we wanted to be able to sell affordable, high quality, Made in America clothing that captures & fits the Midwest lifestyle.  Fabrics and color trends will come and go but, American Oxford shorts, for both men and women, will always have a defining element.  Men’s shorts will always have Blue Oxford cloth for the fly, front facing pockets & back welts, and women’s shorts will always have Pink Oxford cloth.  It’s our small signature that’ll never go out of style.


We began with only a simple oxford cloth men’s short but, have expanded to include two styles of women’s shorts, two styles of women’s dresses, men’s & women’s pocket t-shirts, hats, belts & tote bags.  With one active Sigma Chi and an Alumnae Alpha Chi it only seemed right to add in a Fraternity and Sorority collection.  We envisioned guy’s shorts that could be worn to the country club for dinner but, don’t need to be changed for a late night bonfire by the lake.  Girls dresses so comfortable they can be worn to a dinner party and shorts that can double as a bathing suit bottom cover up.


We believe the American dream is alive and we are having fun as best friends/siblings turned business partners, making our American dream a reality.



Berk & Spenc

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